Trojan Horse Communications or The devil is in the details: Is Star Wars The Last Jedi, subtle right wing extremist propaganda

I watched Star Wars The Last Jedi twice this christmas. The reason I wanted to watch it a second time is a scene where a man who resembles General Robert E Lee, leader of the confederate army in the American Cvil War, a slave owner and in that role a defender of slavery, standing in front of a resistance trench, inspecting the battlefield with binoculars. Just after that, a resistance soldier standing with his rifle in the trench says "salt". This can be seen about 1 minute and 29 seconds into this movie clip. 

There is also a scene where a stormtrooper calls a resistance  soldier "scum" by saying "you were always scum" and he proudly answers "rebell scum".  These two scenes are very treacherous. In the original trilogy the rebells are called the rebell alliance but in this trilogy they are called the resistance so it would be more proper to answer "resistance scum". The confederates in the American Civil War were also called rebells.

The person saying this a colored man who has joined the resistance after leaving the first order. He leaves the first order after the slaughter of a local village on a desert planet, implying he may not have wanted to participate in the genocide on Native Americans,  so maybe Disney just wants to please everyone, but it could also be a way of saying he is stupid. It is done in a smart way.  Apparently there are two versions of this but both include Finn saying "rebell scum".

Even without the confederate reference, I did not like The Last Jedi but it did receive very good reviews. I did however like both "Rogue One" and "The Force Awakens". This kind of subtle propaganda is like having the coca cola logo flash for less than a second before a movie. It affects our subconscious. Especially if we don't notice the trick. Somebody might think "Lee, skilled slave owning general, cool. Let's use his skills and let him keep us safe as police commissioner."  

There can of course be several reasons for making the movie this way.  Disney might be adapting to a new political climate and they want everyone to like their movie. One of the generals of the first order looks a bit like Sean Spicer. When I watched the force awakens I liked this of course but Spicer was against Trump at the time of the movie-shooting. He made critical statements about Trump as the chief strategist of the GOP and started to work for Trump in 2016.  In The Force Awakens,  The Sean Spicer general destroyed the capital of the new republic with a super weapon after holding a speech full of hatred. 

So liberals and left wing people can watch Star Wars thinking that they are the resistance against the first order with the Sean Spicer general, the right wing extremist can however also watch Star Wars thinking the the resistance are the Charlotteville right wing extremists fighting an order that is not racist enough. Both the Confederacy and the Boer of South Africa practiced a kind of christian ecologist way of thinking where they thought everything was given by god and according to them, both slavery and appartheid were part of a natural order. It is of course possible to interpret the jedi religion this way. This is also why American civil rights activists can relate so much to a person like Nelson Mandela. He was kind of like a version of Martin Luther King who succeeded even though he did resort to violence in the end 

The Sean Spicer general does however speak British English and he is right there in the open, mostly affecting the conscious mind. The Lee lookalike will affect you less, when you know he is there.    I can however not make any other conclusion than saying that Disney, after having made two great new Star Wars Movies called "The Force Awakens" and "Rogue one" has now made subtle right wing extremist propaganda and sold it to a mass audience in "The Last Jedi".  The political climate today makes me worried and we have reason to believe that it might be worse in The United States than we thought. There is still hope however. Like the Rebells in Star Wars the good side can win, but we have to get rid of General Lee or at least make him say he was wrong about slavery. If they wanted Lee in the movie just  to make it cool with a general who has the odds against him, he could had said "This time I will be on the right side"